Tuesday, June 17, 2014

:: Our Fav Movie ::

Richard Parker
we love Richard Parker. 

who is Richard Parker?

that is our favorite movie.
and the tiger name is Richard Parker. 

both of us can sit at one place on the moment this movie start until ending...
even nak pegi toilet pun malas. 
so now if we saw tiger anywhere.
we will call that tiger,
"mummy... it's Richard parker."

yesterday she told my dad that she saw Richard Parker at her usu ipad wallpaper.
and my dad ask her nicely...
"Chee aaa, who is Richard Parker?"
of course la my dad sik kenal.
jawapan nya juak yang  best..
"Richard Parker lah."

i can imagine my dad nahan geram. 
sorry apak. 
Happy Fathers Day. 

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