Sunday, December 8, 2019

:: Sun, 8 December 2019 ::

Test.. test...
It's Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday.
It's school holiday but there is no difference for both of us.
Enrolled cikchee to school holiday program during this school holiday... Huhuhu...
And she just come back from character building camp.
Wow! U are busier than me my dear.

Listening to hael n dayang's song. Sweet eh nya duak tok.. Ada kimia Di antara sidak duak ya.
Apakah. Melelat ke Sia nak.

That's all for now. 

Take care...

Regards, kak kemb.


Kakmim said...

Sine gik program sis? boleh share?

Unknown said...

Kinek tok Ada byk program masa cuti. Actually ya kelas tuition nya. And the character building camp ya from NGO's body. Sis Coba ajak.